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Pots and Pan Audio!


We are a multi-genre, full music production team. We take songs/projects from inception to completion, paying detailed attention to every step in the process.


What we have to offer...

1) Songwriting and production.

  • Top level usage of tried and true production techniques to get the best out of our clients. 

  • We not only provide the musical composition, but we can also assist with the development of lyrical content as well. Both melody and lyrics. 

2) Recording, mixing, and mastering. 

  • We are also top notch recording engineers with access to the top of the line equipment, our own recording studio and all of the tricks of the trade to achieve the desired results.

  • Also, we mix and master our own productions in-house. We are truly a full-service, one-stop shop for all of your production and recording needs. 

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