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Increase your knowledge and wisdom with what we like to call, "Talkback".

"Talkback" is where you will find industry professionals discussing their experiences in an interview with a Pots and Pan member. We love hearing from the veterans, but getting to know some of the rookies is just as intriguing.

Talkback #1
Clinton "Headache" Walker

Welcome Audio Enthusiast!

Our first "Talback" Interview is with Clinton "Headache" Walker. Headache gives us his take on what it means to be a recording/mixing engineer in today's industry. Find out what Headache has to say about Chicago's increasing influence on the music industry and what's in store for his brand, The Headroom. 

Interview #1
Ricco Lumpkins

Formerly Based out of Atlanta, Ricco Lumpkins is a GRAMMY NOMINATED AND AWARD WINNING Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer/Songwriter/Publisher (TLC's FanMail-R&B Album of the Year) . Ricco was also nominated in the 32nd Annual Chicago Music Awards as "Record Producer of the Year" (Category 25).

Interview #3
Jeremy "Jaro" Van

"In the simplest of terms, Jaro is a producer hailing from Chicago; however, that is selling him and his talent short. The young beatsmith has knack for manipulating modern sounds to his will and breathing life back into the old, familiar tunes. He has worked with a number of artists, to provide his vintage, yet hauntingly new age touch to their projects—including his genre bending band, Beach Jesus."

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