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Welcome to Pots and Pan Audio!


Pots and Pan Audio was created to give you a place to find a wide variety of audio and music content. If you're an artist, producer, engineer, or someone who simply loves audio, then you are in the right spot!



What we have to offer...


1) Find out how we feel about some of the latest content in the audio world in the "Reviews" section:

  • Get the inside scoop on the latest gear, software, and plugins.

  • See how we feel about some of the latest albums, documentaries, and audio related movie releases.

2) Increase your knowledge and wisdom with what we like to call, "Talkback".

  • "Talkback" is where you will find industry professionals discussing their experiences in an interview with a Pots and Pan Audio member. We love hearing from the veterans in our industry, but getting to know some of the rookies is just as intriguing.

3) Bring your skills to the next level with a variety of tutorials found in "Tips and Tricks" tab:

  • Learn the basics of some of the most common DAWs such as Pro Tools and Ableton Live.

  • Take your mixes to the next level by learning some new techniques.

4) Take a boring recipe to the extreme by adding some "Ingredients" to your arsenal:

  • Download free samples to start off.

  • Purchase sample packs to blast off.

  • Do your own thing with preset packs from Native Instrument's Massive, FM8, and Reaktor.

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