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Increase your knowledge and wisdom with what we like to call, "Talkback".

"Talkback" is where you will find industry professionals discussing their experiences in an interview with a Pots and Pan member. We love hearing from the veterans, but getting to know some of the rookies is just as intriguing.

Talkback #1
Clinton "Headache" Walker

Welcome Audio Enthusiast!

Our first "Talback" Interview is with Clinton "Headache" Walker. Headache gives us his take on what it means to be a recording/mixing engineer in today's industry. Find out what Headache has to say about Chicago's increasing influence on the music industry and what's in store for his brand, The Headroom. 

Interview #2
Ricco Lumpkins

Formerly Based out of Atlanta, Ricco Lumpkins is a GRAMMY NOMINATED AND AWARD WINNING Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer/Songwriter/Publisher (TLC's FanMail-R&B Album of the Year) . Ricco was also nominated in the 32nd Annual Chicago Music Awards as "Record Producer of the Year" (Category 25).

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